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Tajikistan Country on The text deconstructs itselfby way ofthat little (misspeIled) word fetichistic. Ifwe assume, by the way, that the narrator is a he, perhaps Hardy himself, we are yielding to just the illusion he is deconstructing. He or it (and we) believe and disbelieve at the same time, in an oscillating coming and going, or twisting and untwisting, that is like the one that de Man describes as the unsuccessful movement of enlightenment. If we think we know, we are the first victims of the superstition we are subjecting to a rhetorical reading. The next two paragraphs incorporate human breath in a remarkable way into the tropological system of exchanges, or what the narrative voice calls this discourse, this wild rhetoric of night: Suddenly, on the barrow, there mingled with aIl this wild rhetoric of night a sound which modulated so naturally into the rest that its beginning and ending were hardly to be distinguished. The bluffs, and the bushes, and the heather-bells had broken silence; at last, so did the woman; and her articulation was but another phase of the same discourse as theirs. Thrown out on the winds it became twined in with them, and with them it flew away. Tajikistan Country 2016.

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