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Tacuarembo Travel on Burton, Auditing: A Conceptual Approach (Wadsworth, 1971); William C. Boynton and Walter G. Kell, Modern Auditing (John Wiley & Sons, 1996); Walter B. Meigs, E. John Larsen, and Robert F. Meigs, Principles of Auditing (Irwin, 1973); R.K. Tacuarembo Travel 2016.

In working-class families, children received affirmative feedback fifteen times an hour, or once every four minutes; welfare parents gave children positive feedback six times an hour, or once every ten minutes. professional parents gave prohibitions about five times an hour, and welfare parents about eleven; children in welfare families heard twice as many negative comments as positive ones, whereas children in professional families heard primarily positive comments and rarely any negative ones. These findings have important implications for the development of self-concept and general mood as well as for language development. Language differences in the home at ages one to three strongly predicted vocabulary growth and intellectual development when the child was about nine years of age. The most important predictors of vocabulary and intellectual competence were the emotional tone of the feedback and the amount of linguistic diversity the child heard.

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