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Tacna Travel on It was also the substance of which the stars were made.1 In Chapter V we discussed the monist theory of Anaximenes and Diogenes of Apollonia according to which the primary stuff of everything was aer, which in its purest form was also the stuff of which the human soul was made. It is doubtful whether a clear-cut distinction between aer and aither as generically different substances was consistently maintained before the time of Aristotle. Certainly the monist philosophers must have held that aither was only their primal aer in its purest form. Nevertheless there was always felt to be a difference, and Anaxagoras is said to have likened the aither rather to fire. This must have seemed the more probable view, considering its derivation from aithein, to blaze, and the belief that it was the substance of the stars. What is certain is that there was a belief abroad in the fifth century that the soul was immortal and divine, based on the idea that it was composed of an imprisoned spark of the immortal aither, to which it would fly off on its release from the body at death. Tacna Travel 2016.

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