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Szekszard Travel on In 1934, it extended deposit insurance to savings institutions, putting them on a par with bank deposits. Until deregulated in the late 1970s, savings institutions invested mainly in home loans. Deregulation allowed them to make riskier loans, but left in place the deposit insurance of $100,000 per depositor by the now-defunct Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. This led some institutions to offer higher interest rates and make risky loans, confident that government would cover any losses. The combination of deregulation with government protection against risk caused widespread savings institution bankruptcies in the 1980s as risky loans went sour and taxpayers had to foot the bill. 74 banking, consumer As banks and other financial institutions offer more options to depositors and borrowers, savings institutions seem to be merging into those other institutions and disappearing as a separate type of consumer bank. Credit unions perform the same functions as banks and savings and loans, but only for members of specific groups, such as employees of the same company, members of the same union, or workers in the same industry who also belong to the credit union. Szekszard Travel 2016.

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