Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg Travel

Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg Travel on She reached out instinctively for something to grab onto, something to save her, to keep her from being swept away, from going under. Her fingers found a branch, grabbed hold, tightened their grip. The gun, she understood, curling her fingers around its handle, using it to pull herself back to safety, straightening her shoulders as she fought her way free of the deadly current. In one quick and fluid motion, Jess brought the gun up, pointed it directly at her ex-husband’s heart, and pulled the trigger. Don stared at her in surprise as the bullet ripped through his chest. Then he crumpled forward and fell to the floor. Jess rose slowly to her feet and walked to his side. Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg Travel 2016.

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