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Syddanmark Travel on But I'd always go beyond that. And that's when problems came. Alcohol is a real mystery. Sunday afternoon I assume the I autumnal position of American Guy (supine on couch) to watch football, a sport subdivided by that quintessential American art form: the warm-buddies beer commercial.

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A cynic might see something slightly cockeyed in these scenes of robustly handsome yuppies coming off their lobster boats in flannel shirts and teased mousse hairdos, backlit by the slanting glow of sunset, punching shoulders, and retiring to the company of incredible-looking women in the coziest tavern on the coast of Maine. Am I envious? Sure, having never found anything quite like this chummy tableau. These commercials have captured on one minute of tape all the romance, the yearnings, the fellowship of alcohol and mankind.

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