Driving in Stockholm

Anyone familiar with driving in large cities will have no problems in Stockholm. It is relatively easy to get about by car, except during the rush hours (7.30am-9.30am,

11.30am-lpm, and 3 30-6pm). Cars are not really necessary in the city centre because of the short distances between sights and excellent public transport. However, a car is an advantage if you want to explore further afield.

Congestion charges are being introduced on a trial basis during weekdays at the approaches to the city centre.

Speeds up to 70.’ km/h (43 mph) are permitted only on the main roads in and out of the city.

It is often hard to find a parking space. In some areas parking charges apply 24-hours a day, but usually parking is free in the evenings, at night and at weekends. Check for street cleaning times when parking is prohibited.

The city’s traffic wardens are diligent. Being wrongly parked could cost you a fine of 450 kr or more. Do not leave valuables in your car, particularly in a car park.


Distances between places in the city centre are short and brief journeys by taxi rarely cost more than 100 Kr. There are usually plenty of taxis available, particularly at taxi ranks and major sights, with the exception of the rush hours. You can also hail an empty taxi, indicated by the illuminated sign on the car roof. The best method is to order a taxi by phone or book one in advance. It is always worth enquiring what the fare is likely to be, as many companies charge a fixed rate. Be careful about using unauthorized taxis without a taxi sign on the outside, or a taxi identity card on display inside, especially at night.

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