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The majority of lock gates along the stretch of canal which lies in Vastergotland are still worked by hand by friendly and patient lock-keepers.

Key Motorway Other road 322 Canal.


The long-established Gota Hotell is an idyllic summer spot on the canal. Built in 1894, it offers food and accommodation to passers-by.

Gota Canal o.

Opened in 1832, the Gota Canal provided a vital link for transporting timber and iron between Stockholm and Gothenburg. But it was another 100 years before leisure traffic took off on the waterway. Today in summer, the canal bustles with small craft andžpassenger boats and it is possible to cruise the entire length on the classic M/S Diana (1931), Wilhelm Tham (1912) and Juno (1874).

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Other boats take passengers along shorter stretches and there are numerous special packages available, such as combining cycling holidays with canal trips. There are guest marinas offering services along the entire length of the canal. Motala is regarded as the capital of the canal, and the man behind its construction, Baltzar von Platen (1766-1830), is buried here.

Building the Canal.

Sweden Map With Cities

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