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Svay Rieng Travel on HARRY KYPRAIOS, PH.D. ROLLINS COLLEGE 100 Buchanan, James M. Burke, Edmund (1729–97) AN ILLUSTRIOUS STATESMAN, parliamentarian political thinker active in British public debates after 1765, Edmund Burke is remembered primarily as England’s most outspoken opponent of the FRENCH REVOLUTION. His responses to this fundamental political challenge in his most famous work, Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) produced arguments about the ideal quality of social change that lie at the basis of conservative political thought in the West since the French Revolution. Born in Ireland, Burke entered Parliament in 1765 as the secretary to a Whig minister, the Marquis of Rockingham, and served subsequently himself as minister representing the pocket borough of Wendover. In Parliament, Burke became known for his pragmatist and liberal views on FREE TRADE, the management of colonies, and opposition to national budget deficits. Svay Rieng Travel 2016.

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