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Suzhou Map on The grisly rape-murder shocked the Utah capital where Omer, the mother of four daughters, was recognized by the Salt Lake theatre community as one of its top actresses. Fellow-thespian Beth Bruner stated that patrons often called the Desert Star Playhouse box office to be sure the local celebrity was in a show before buying tickets. Omer appeared in major roles in community theatre productions of White Christmas, Elvis in Viva Salt Lake: Eat My Rust, Less Miserables, or a Whole Lot Less Miserable, Dracula, the Vampire, or He Loved in Vein, Beverly Hillbillies 90210, Space Wars: A 2002 Space Oddity of Olympic Proportions, Calam ity Jane or All's Riot on the Western Front, and her most recent role parodying a fading film star in Miracle on 42nd Street during the winter season of 1998. In July 1999, a suspect was arrested based on the composite sketch, but freed by DNA evi – dence.

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Working off DNA and a second composite sketch supplied by the surviving rape victim, Salt Lake County sheriff ‘ s deputies arrested Robert Lee Overstreet, 34, on August 1, 1999 as he slept in his car in a campground parking lot in Spring – ville Canyon, south of Provo. Overstreet, a.k. Suzhou Map 2016.

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