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Surat Map on his studies of eyewitness testimony and lie detection). Murphy, Gardner (1895-1979) U.S. psychologist: encouraged psychological research on and the use of biofeedback; greatly influenced the field through his texts, particularly that on experimental social psychology; recognized for his guidance of U.S. psychologist Rensis Likert (1903-1981) in the development of the Likert scale. Murray, Henry Alexander (1893-1988) U. Surat Map 2016.

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I never craved a drink, but I always missed drinking if I was not in on it. There were several officers on board who appeared permanently the worse for wear. Tam looked blighted by drink, Ian looked ten years older than he was, Angus became addled easily, and he sometimes remained that way even when he had sobered up. I was aware that my drinking habits were on the march, although in those days I never thought it was time to start pulling on the reins. I was too young, I was too healthy, I was enjoying myself too much.

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