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Suhbaatar Travel on We owe a special thanks to Anja Kanngieser for her research assistance, bibliographic work, and deep understanding of the argument and politics that animate this book. Other friends and colleagues we want to thank are Rutvica Andrijasevic, fitienne Balibar, Paula Banerjee,’ Vando Borghi, Ida Dominijanni, Veronica Gago, Rosalind Gill, Giorgio Grappi, Michael Hardt, Stefano Harney, Katie Hepworth, Rada Ivekovic, Randy Martin, Angela Mi-tropoulos, Toni Negri, Federico Rahola, Fabio Raimondi, Maurizio Ric-ciardi, Gigi Roggero, Ned Rossiter, Devi Sacchetto, Naold Sakai, Ranabir Samaddar, Jon Solomon, William Walters, Jessica Whyte, Vassilis Tsianos, and Adelino Zanini. Thanks also to Courtney Berger at Duke University Press for her editorial work, two anonymous reviewers for their comments, and the Social Text Collective. Finally, we thank those who have remained close to us during the writing of this book: Giovanna, Lisa, Luce, Marcello, and Mila. Chapter One THE PROLIFERATION OF BORDERS The World Seen from a Cab Anyone who has used the taxi system in New York City over the past decade will know the vast diversity that exists within the labor force that drives the city’s yellow cabs. Fewer people will know what it takes to organize a strike among these predominantly migrant workers who speak more than eighty different languages. In Taxi! Cabs and Capitalism in New York City (2005), Biju Mathew, himself an organizer of the grassroots New York Taxi Workers Alliance (nytwa), documents the history of the many strikes that led to the historic fare rise victory for the city’s cab drivers in March 2004. Suhbaatar Travel 2016.

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