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Sud Ouest Travel on Clearly capital pursues relations of bordering as a means of organizing and reinforcing its operations. This is by no means a simple matter of division, whether of labor or space, because as we have argued many times, borders are crucial devices of articulation that enable capital’s circulation and support the expansion of its frontiers. The stretching of productive chains, the establishment of economic zones and corridors, and the encroachment of capital on ever smaller scales of bodily matter all turn on the proliferation of borders. We can thus say definitively that the border is a method for capital. But to posit border as method as a concept for radical political thought and action is not merely to make subversive use of the master’s tools. It is, rather, to point to the necessity of talcing capital’s use of the border as a serious and inescapable point of contention. To suggest that borders are essential to capital’s operations is to identify a strategic line of struggle, which reaches far beyond the territorial and jurisdictional edges of nation-states or regions. Sud Ouest Travel 2016.

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