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Styria Travel on 212 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo Pedrito Montera A savagely ironie and farcically comie version of the Con radian law that says each person is motivated by sorne hidden obsession is Pedrito Montero. He is the guerilla bandit who invades Sulaco on behalf ofhis brother’s take-over of supreme power in Costaguana. Though no one knows it, this miserable personage-greedy, lazy, stupid-is secretly living in a dream world. That absurd fantasy is motivated by popular histories he has read about the French Second Empire and by his desire to recreate its sovereign pomp for himself in Sulaco. This idea is so unlikely and so nutty that it has led everyone, including Charles Gould’s astute political agent in the Costaguana capital of Santa Marta, completely to misunderstand him by assuming that his motivations are sane. His ability to read did nothing for him but fill his he ad with absurd visions. His actions were usually determined by motives so improbable in themselves as to escape the penetration of a rational person . Styria Travel 2016.

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