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Stockholm Travel on Though extinct in Europe, such primitive practices are still carried on in other parts of the world, where the union of the human sexes on the actual ground where the crops are to grow, either at seed-time or before the maturity of the plants, is considered to promote fruitfulness.2 It is a safe inference that they were performed at an early date in Greece, and doubtless lingered long in the less civilized parts. The union, real or simulated, of the priest and priestess at the Eleusinian mysteries is attested by Christian writers, and though their evidence is suspect,3 it obtains some support from analogy. The Greeks themselves could not of course be expected to tell us the nature of the central act of their most secret mysteries. A clear example of the Hieros Gamos in ritual is furnished by the union of Dionysos with the wife of the Archon-Basileus at Athens (for which see p. 177 below). In myth we have e. Stockholm Travel 2016.

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