Exploring Lucca Ecca is enclosed by massive red brick walls which help to give the city its special character by shutting out traffic and the modern world. Built in 1504-1645, the walls are among the best-preserved Renaissance defences in Europe. Within these walls, Lucca is a peaceful city of Mosaic m narrow lanes, preserving intact its original ancient Roman street plan. Unlike several of Tuscany’s hilltop cities, Lucca is flat: many locals use bicycles, which lends the city added charm. NORTHERN TUSCANY 17 5 The beautiful galleried staircase at Palazzo Pfanner IB Palazzo Pfanner Closed for restoration. The Palazzo Pfanner is an imposing house built in 1667. It has one of Tuscany’s most delightful formal gardens to the rear. (The garden can also be viewed while walking along the Ramparts.) Laid out in the 18th century, the garden’s central avenue is lined with Baroque statues of the gods and goddesses of ancient Roman mythology, alternating with lemon trees in huge terracotta pots.


Bergius Botanic Garden and Park

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