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The episcopal lists of the main churches were those mainly used for apologetic purposes, since communion with them was a guarantee of apostolicity and orthodoxy for the others as well. St. Petersburg Subway Map But with the passage of time, with the intention of providing such lists complete, invented names were sometimes introduced to fill gaps of early times and to defend a greater antiquity, or an apostolic foundation was invented, as in the notorious case of Constantinople, St. Petersburg Subway Map which only in the 6th c. discovered its founder to be the apostle Andrew. At first these lists were just chronological lists of names; later some of them were amplified or filled out with other facts until they constituted a short history of a community, as is the case of the Liber pontificalis for the Roman church and similar works such as Gregory of Tours’s list of the bishops of Tours at the end of his Historia francorum. There was also a tendency to consider the bishops of the early centuries as saints. St. Petersburg Subway Map So the episcopal lists, though being valuable documents providing information that we would not have otherwise, are at the same time uncertain, esp. for the earliest period, and must be studied attentively case by case to evaluate their historical value.

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