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During the 5th- and 6th-c. christological disputes, the inclusion or exclusion of names in the diptychs gave rise to conflicts. The exclusion of a bishop’s name from the diptychs was an indication of the separation of churches and also of the excommunication of a prelate. Indeed, it was assumed that even the names of the ecumenical councils were included as a sign of their acceptance, as in the case of John of Constantinople, who was requested to include in the diptychs the names of his predecessors Euphemius and Macedonius, of Pope Leo I and of the four ecumenical councils Mansi 8,1044 and 1051f.; cf. JTS 12 1911 386f.. The moment and the manner of reading the diptychs by the deacon during the liturgical celebration were different in the various churches and within the same church, changing over time in some cases; Jerome, for the 4th c., writes that publice diaconus in ecclesia recitat offerentium nomina In Ezech. 4,18: PL 25, 175.

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