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The episcopal cathedra. The idea of the conferring of the cathedra on the apostles led to the use of the term cathedra to indicate both the seat of bishops and presbyters, and their office. In this context there is no difference between cathedra and throne. St. Louis Subway Map The term cathedra as a seat of the clergy is first attested in the so-called Muratorian fragment, usually dated to the late 2nd c.: sedente cathedra urbis Romae ecclesiae Pio episcopo l. 75f; S. Ritter, Il frammento Muratoriano: RivAC 3 1926 253; here it is already used in a figurative sense. A seat covered with linen fabric is documented after the mid-3rd c. as an honorific right of the bishop Pont., Vit. Cypr. 16, 6 Pellegrino 172. III. The location and function of the cathedra in church buildings. According to the Didascalia apostolorum 2,57,4 Funk 160, the bishop’s throne had to be located on the E side of the meeting hall, in the midst of the presbyters’ seats. A cathedra can be used by the bishop in the secretarium Sulp. Sev., Dial., 2,1,3. The cathedra is located in the apse Paulin. Med., Vit. Ambr. 48,1. In conformity with canon 2 of the IV Synod of Carthage 398 C. Munier, Les Statuta Ecclesiae antiqua, Paris 1960, 79; F.J. Dlger, Die Heiligkeit des Altars u. ihre Begr¼ndung im christl. Altertum: AC 2 1930 161f, the bishop must sit in ecclesia et in consessu presbyterorum sublimior, while intra domum collegam se presbyterorum esse cognoscat, which means, according to Stommel 28, that bishops were prohibited from setting up a throne or throne room outside of the church. Augustine En. in ps. 126,3 CCL 40, 1858 explains that bishops have a raised seat so as to watch over and care for the people ut ipsi superintendant et tamquam custodiant populum. In a church at Uzala in Africa, the relics of the martyr Stephen were placed in loco absidae super cathedram velatam, as related in the Mirac. Steph. 3 PL 41, 835; CPL3 391 from the early 5th c. When the temple of Caelestis at Carthage was turned into a Christian church in 399, the cathedra was put in the place of the god’s image Quodv., Prom. 3,44 CCL 60, 185; R. Oehler, art.

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