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He assiduously collected and ordered secular and religious elements, contributing in large measure to the transmission to posterity of the patrimony of ancient culture in its various expressions. Sri Lanka Subway Map 7. Even a cursory examination of the relations between classical culture and Christianity should take account of aspects other than the literary, though this is obviously of prime importance and better known. The field of behavior, for example, in which Clement of Alexandria shows considerable interest in the Paedagogus, and especially that of the moral life, which particularly concerned pastors of souls: in the 5th c., Salvian of Marseille contrasted the rampant corruption of morals among Roman Christians with the virtues practiced by the barbarians. And the figurative art of the Christians could be profitably investigated to examine the influence of the classical tradition on it. These subjects would require a development beyond the scope of this article, but it seems opportune here to give an overall view of the subject, pointing out its basic lines and touching on some of the more important problems see final bibl.

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