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Stay in Culdearn House in Speyside

There is an indescribable charm to staying in an old Scottish home isn’t it? You can almost imagine the warmth of the fireplace, beautiful countryside and hospitality of the hosts that spreads such good cheer. So where will you find such an experience? Well, you go to the Culdearn House in Speyside of course!

Your choice of accommodation
If you choose to go on a holiday to wonderful Grantown on Spey in Scotland you will be spoilt for choice in many ways as far as accommodation goes. Looking for a hotel is one way to go but why not look for a hotel that is housed in a home? That is exactly the idea behind the Culdearn House which offers:
• Comfortable size – this is a country style house-hotel.
• Access to a wide variety of tourist attractions, Natural splendor and walking trails.
• Luxury rooms.
• Fine dining and

• Beautifully personalized service.

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When you stay in Culdearn House in Speyside you will get the chance to visit a large number of attractions and enjoy many activities as well. For instance, you could spend a couple of days exploring castles of yore. If outdoor activities are more your thing, then you can enjoy:
• Fishing.
• Skiing.
• Golf and

• Walking too.

Of course Scotland is famous for its whiskey so you can plan a visit to local distilleries as well. There are quite a few of them in Speyside. Now that’s what is known as a ‘heady’ experience.

The hospitality angle

This unique hotel in a home is famous for its hospitality. This is apparent even when you visit the website. There is so much information here that you will be hard pressed to make a choice. There are 6 rooms available and all of them are worthy of their 4-star rating. Of course you also get to enjoy modern amenities in a traditional setting.

The dining experience is fabulous as well. Small wonder then, that the restaurant was featured in the Michelin Guide. This is a great place to enjoy gourmet dining. If you want to know more about the food that goes into making the Culdearn House in Speyside spectacular, you simply have to check their sample menus. From the Culdearn steak to the selection of cheeses to the desserts – there is succulent fare for everyone.

Local travel

You can easily ask the hotel people to guide you on a local itinerary. This itinerary can see you enjoying not just Speyside but also Moray and Cairngorm too. Forests, estates, National Park, Scottish foods, crafts and many other delights await you. Of course, a lot will depend on the time you have at your disposal but after having enjoyed the hotel in such a deep and exhilarating way, you are sure to plan your next visit very quickly!

You could also check with the hotel people about the best time to visit if you want to enjoy some more traditional Scottish pursuits. For instance, local Highland games could be a worthwhile event to take in isn’t it?

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