Spain Regions

People in some regions of Spain want more independence. But most Spanish people are working together to make their country strong and proud.

Just as it did long ago, Spain has a king. But Spain’s king does not have very much power. Instead, a prime minister leads the country. The prime minister and the rest of the government make laws to keep Spain safe.

Spain Regions Photo Gallery

Spain’s King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia in 2007

The People

Most Spaniards are relatives of the first groups that lived in Spain. Others are immigrants, or newcomers from other places. Many immigrants are from other countries in Europe. Others are from Latin American countries such as Ecuador

Spanish girls wear costumes for a fair in Jerez de la Frontera and Colombia. They also come from African countries such as Morocco.

Spanish people are happy and fun-loving. In Spain, relaxing and having a good time are very important. But working hard and studying are important, too.

This local soccer team includes some immigrants from Ecuador.

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