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Spain Metro Map on Millette read of her common-law husband’s marriage to Harlow in a fan magazine and started pressuring him to let her come to Hollywood. Bern played for time telling the mentally unbalanced woman he was too busy to see her. Finally relenting, he installed Millette at the Plaza Hotel in San Francisco on May 4, 1932. He was overseeing the production of Red Dust starring Harlow and Clark Gable when the complicated situation reached its crisis in September 1932. While the truth of the matter can now never be known thanks to a probable studio cover-up, conflicting accounts of key events, and the accumulated force of innuendo built up over 75 years, Paul Bern did die in his Benedict Canyon home on Easton Drive on Labor Day, September 5, 1932, days after he took out a life insurance policy naming Harlow as his beneficiary. The evening before the tragedy, Bern and Harlow apparently argued (other accounts say they did not). The blonde superstar chose to stay across town at her mother’s (others say she went to dinner with friends), leaving Bern alone in the house. Spain Metro Map 2016.

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