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Spain Country on For Trollope, to have one little blot on your memory is to be mad. Crawley’s double bind is an impasse of which he and his family and friends are painfully aware. Ifhe can escape conviction for the ft by pleading insanity, or by being judged insane, then he will not be fit to be a Christian clergyman and should be placed in a madhouse. If he is judged to be sane, he must be Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 85 held responsible, condemned, and imprisoned, for passing that stolen check, even though he cannot remember how he got it. Either way, he will have had it. The consequence ofCrawley’s forgetting is that he is universally described as different, whereas all the others are much more similar, denizens of the same transparent community. Papa, you know, writes Grace in a letter to Lily Dale, is not like other people. Spain Country 2016.

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