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Southern Travel on Why do you drink it? Can’t find anything else. Sometimes we drink antiperspirants. Anything you won’t drink? Window cleaner. That night I attended a meeting. My name is Slava, and I am an alcoholic. Slava, a former KGB man, was speaking to the Rubicon Group, one of Russia’s nascent experiences with Alcoholics Anonymous (A A). I never liked the taste of vodka, I liked the effect. Southern Travel 2016.

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We all had to have chest X-rays after that, to see who else might have caught it. A few people were concerned that he might have been coughing up his phlegm into the soup. The X-rays resulted in two crew members also being paid off, and they were sent to the same sanatorium as the cook. I felt pretty bad over the incident: bad, sad and a very incomplete doctor. I may have been a bad doctor but I was highly organised.

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