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He is also the first to point out the parallel between Adam and Eve on one hand and Christ and the church on the other: as Adam was a figure of Christ, Adam’s sleep represents the death of Christ, who had to fall asleep in death so that from his wounded side the church, true mother of the living, could be formed De an. 43. The church lives in each of its members, feels and suffers with each one, because she is Christ himself Poen. 10. We are one body by the consciousness of religion, the unity of discipline and the covenant of hope Apol. 39, 1. Christians know that God examines them; so that in our meetings a judgment takes place in God’s name; and if one has sinned gravely, he is excluded excommunicated from the community of prayer, from the meeting and from any religious association Apol. 39, 4. As in Irenaeus, the communities of apostolic origin have a special authority Praescr. 35, 2-5; but since all are linked to each other through the communion of peace, South Sudan Subway Map the name of brotherhood and the mark of hospitality, all the churches are the first and all are apostolic Praescr. 20, 7-9. Origen, while desiring to understand the inner reality of which all degrees of ecclesial ministry are a symbol Mt. Com. 14, 22, leaves no doubt that the form of the churches is entrusted to the priests Num. hom. 9, 1, which is why judgment on faith and morals is the province of those who hold ministries.

There is no inner hierarchy of the perfect that can exercise full powers and replace the clergy. Nevertheless, a sinner must seek the advice of a perfect person as much as possible, to know his own state and the means of salvation. A bishop who is personally in a state of sin will bind and loose in vain, since, not possessing a clear criterion of virtue, he cannot be sure that his judgment corresponds to that of heaven Mt. Com. 12, 14. This is not Donatism ante litteram, but the conviction that discernment is given only as the fruit of a virtuous life. The church is the community of those who work for a deeper understanding of revelation, a mutual participation in it and a common realization of it Jo. Com. 19, 8, 45. South Sudan Subway Map Believers, even when not attaining the highest perfection, possess the hope of salvation, though this seems highly graduated, able to include even a little dishonor Josh. hom. 10, 1 if anyone should fall far short of their task. But for unbelievers or heretics, even an austere life seems to lead to perdition Ezech. hom. 7, 3; Mt. Com. Ser. 33. Israel is the first and last recipient of all God’s favors; all other peoples can be admitted to them only in its place fragm. 464 in Mt 23,39; fragm. 125 in Lc 8,41.

The provisional destiny of the synagogue cannot affect the church as a whole; Jesus weeps only over individual souls, as he wept over Jerusalem Lc. hom. 38; Jer. hom. 13, 2. The church is not sinful; rather, whoever falls into sin ceases to belong to the church Mt. Com. 12, 11ff., not just when excommunicated, but even when his sin remains hidden. If his sin is discovered, South Sudan Subway Map he must be excommunicated; only for those whose exclusion is not possible is the parable of the wheat and tares valid; but their presence in the church is clearly unjustified, like the persistence of the Jebusites in Jerusalem. Believers must avoid, as far as possible, any contact with them Josh. hom. 21, 1, 2. Indeed, from birth no one is exempt from guilt, but it is possible to free oneself from sin. Even the churchman ekklesiastikos was defiled, but now he no longer has any spot Lc. hom. 2.

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