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South Kivu Travel on It’s a game. Why don’t we try it? My favorite drink? Barry mused. It would have to be red wine. It’s tasty; it smells wonderful; and it’s intoxicating. I like orange juice, Maureen followed. It’s healthy; it’s It’s very strange for people to see a mathematics teacher singing opera in the street, says unemployed David Hrishtain. In Russia he taught algebra and geometry and sang with the Leningrad Philharmonic. South Kivu Travel 2016.

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I was a Luddite, an enemy of any advancement. I wanted the clock to stop, to go backwards even. I would squeeze another two, perhaps three, years out of the life, and then it would be finished, trickled away forever and only to be glimpsed in memories such as mine. Sometimes I felt I could have just sat in a rattan chair under an idle ceiling fan on the veranda of an Eastern bar and spent the days reading Noyes and Kipling and Stevenson and Maugham, who expressed the passing infinitely better than I could ever hope to do. My life would take its own form and I would deal with the disappearance of the last tail of romance when the time arrived, but it made me sigh.

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