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South Carolina Travel on After two centuries of prosperous French regime, frequent cooperation with natives and many attacks from England, Canada was invaded by the British army in 1755 and 1759; its immense territory (that included the Mississippi River Valley with many later states between the Great Lakes and Louisiana) became part of the British Empire in 1763. French-speaking populations from Acadie (the Canadian province later renamed Nova Scotia) were deported to Louisiana by the British Army in 1755. According to scholars, the French-speaking population was still a majority in Canada until the mid-19th century. Since then, the province of Québec (today one quarter of Canada’s population and the largest provincial territory) is the only province to remain with a francophone majority, many of them fluent in Canada’s both official languages, English and French. Considering those cultural and linguistic reasons, Québec has always been a distinct society compared to the rest of Canada. Since 1867, francophone populations have constantly been diminishing, assimilated into English in all other Canadian provinces, therefore Québecers feel their French language has to be protected by special provincial laws, something the federal government has failed to do. Because of these cultural, historical, and economic reasons, almost half of the population of Québec strongly feels their province should become an independent country. South Carolina Travel 2016.

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