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South africa travel on On July 26, 1995, Ken Adamson reported the filmmaker missing after not having seen or spoken to him in five weeks. Shortly before his disappearance, Al Adamson told his brother Fulford had run up $4,000 in unauthorized charges on his (Adamson’s) credit card. Indio police delved into Adamson’s phone bills and credit cards and discovered Fulford had recently paid for a cement truck delivery to the property with a check pre-signed by the director. On August 2, 1995, Ken Adamson escorted police into the empty house where he was surprised to find his brother’s beloved Jacuzzi cemented over and covered with Mexican floor tile. Police and forensic specialists labored 18 hours digging out the circular four foot pit before unearthing a scene worthy of one of Adamson’s B-grade horror films. A badly decomposed body (identified through dental records as Adamson’s) was found wrapped in a comforter. A shaken Sam Sherman, friend and co-partner with Adamson in Independent- International, told the press, Although we did a lot of horror movies, the kinds of pictures we made were not like this. South africa travel 2016.

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