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South africa places to visit top 10 on 38- caliber pistol ostensibly for home protection. The situation apparently improved on April 7, 1954 when Parnell sold a controlling interest in Canterbury to Erickson and instructed his operative to destroy all documents pertaining to the investigation. He seemed in a good mood and told everyone he was taking his third wife on a trip to Australia before settling down in his home country of England. Prior to opening hours on May 19, 1954, the janitor in the Highland Avenue building housing Canterbury Press and Karseal, Inc. made a gruesome discovery. Beryl Erickson lay face-down on the floor beside her desk dead from a single gunshot wound inflicted at close range to the left side of her face, below the temple. Parnell’s briefcase was beside the body and among the documents found in it was a detective magazine with a front page article entitled, She Was His Woman and He Was Ready to Kill to Keep Her! The businessman’s body was found in a nearby executive washroom where he had shot himself in the right temple. South africa places to visit top 10 2016.

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