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COMMUNICATIONS There is telephone and cable service between South Africa and North America and London. Telegraph and cable offices in every village. Regular airmail services.

CURRENCY: The monetary unit is the South African pound worth $2. 80, a very favorable rate for Americans.

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Money may be exchanged at banks, also at Thos. Cook & Sons and American Express.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS -: All goods must be declared. Cameras, field glasses, typewriters, etc. Are duty free but must be declared. Open your carton of cigarettes. There is a duty on liquor Passport and visa necessary. Proof of sufficient means and a return ticket are essential. Yellow fever and smallpox vaccination certificates are required.

DRUG STORES Not as we know them. As in England they are called chemist's shops and sell only pharmaceuticals, Jyl which there is a very big variety. If you want a chocolate sundae, hamour or hot dog, you'll get it at a milk bar, of which there are many.

ELECTRIC CURRENT: The current in South Africa is a.c. almost without exception. The voltage normally ranges between 220 to 250. The cycles are 50, as opposed to 60 cycles in use in the United States. If you have an electric razor, you should bear this in mind. The British type of transformer plug is needed.


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