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South africa best places to visit on In September 1997, Chris (Black C) Matthews, the remaining partner in RBL Posse, replaced Mr. Cee with Hitman for the RBL Atlantic debut album, An Eye for an Eye, featuring the track Gone Away, a requiem rap for Mr. Cee. The album sold a disappointing 88,000 units nationwide. To date, the Mr. Cee murder remains unsolved. Further Reading Sward, Susan. South africa best places to visit 2016.

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She was just over 12,000 tons gross, and was sleek and poised with twin funnels and twin hatches, built in 1968 at the Scotstoun shipyard on the Clyde. The hatches were the automatic McGregor type, hydraulically operated by a button in the control panel on the deck; the hatch covers folded back neatly in the well, each one pulling the other behind. This was a far cry from the wooden hatch boards of the Benalbanach, the Benledi and the Benreoch. The bridge was roomy, the superstructure of the accommodation block was set more towards the aft end, the officers cabins all had their own bathrooms, the bar was purpose-built, rather than a converted cabin. The Bencruachan was famous for having been badly damaged in a freak wave incident off the South African coast a few years previously, the deck machinery and deck cargo all ripped away and her back almost broken.

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