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Son La Travel on In Lineages of Political Society (2011), Partha Chatterjee extends this argument by relating it to the transformed structures of political power in India, including changes in the framework of class dominance, the state’s susceptibility to the political-moral sway of the middle classes, and the penetration of state and other governmental technologies into peasant communities. For Chatterjee, this enablement of primitive accumulation by its governmental reversal is a process played out in what he calls political society, where peasants play an active role in agitating for their livelihood needs. In these negotiations, which often involve a calculative, almost utilitarian use of violence, what peasants frequently invite is for the state to declare their case an exception to the universally applicable rule. This makes the governmental response to demands in political society… irre-ducibly political rather than merely administrative (Chatterjee 2011, 229- 31). Son La Travel 2016.

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