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Solothurn Travel on Conrad also gives by way of his cinematic specificities a good bit of support to his conviction that history is often made by sheer senseless accident. It just happens that the deposed dictator Ribiera rides into Sulaco on a dying donkey at the moment the rioting crowd is in the street at that spot. It just happens that the commandeered steamship from Esmeralda bearing the revolutionist Sotillo collides in the pitchdark with the lighter manned by Nostromo and Decoud and carrying the silver from the mine. It just happens that the stowaway on the lighter grabs hold of the steamship’s anchor as it slips by the lighter in the collision and is carried away with the steamship and so to his torture and death. It just happens that old Giorgio Viola mistakes Nostromo for an unwanted suitor ofhis daughter and shoots him dead. Unique Subjectivities in Nostromo History is always materially embodied, often in grotesque accidents that may have unforeseen consequences. What happens, as a result, resists ab- 196 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo stract generalization about what constitutes a historical event. Solothurn Travel 2016.

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