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Solo travel best destinations on The testimony of doctors disputing the woman’s assertions (and by extension casting doubt on Arbuckle’s guilt) he simply suppressed. Arbuckle’s first trial for manslaughter began in San Francisco Superior Court with jury selection on November 14, 1921. The comic’s defense team introduced evidence Rappe, portrayed by Brady as an innocent, had in fact undergone several abortions and had been repeatedly treated for venereal disease and chronic cystitis, a possible causal factor in the infection that claimed her life. Model and party guest Betty Campbell testified Brady threatened to jail her should she refuse to testify against Arbuckle. Any pro?Arbuckle momentum gained by these revelations, however, was negated by the prior announcement in the press that the film star would also be prosecuted for violating the Volstead Act, the Prohibition law, stemming from the booze party in the St. Francis. After 43 hours of deliberation and 22 ballots the jury hopelessly deadlocked on December 4, 1921 voting 10 to 2, in favor of acquittal. Solo travel best destinations 2016.

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