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Sodermanland Travel on B.C. Borning, The Political and Social Thought of Charles A. Beard (University of Washington Press, 1962); R. Hofstadter, The Progressive Historians: Turner, Beard, Parrington (Knopf, 1968): T.C. Kennedy, Charles A. Sodermanland Travel 2016.

In poor families, there are no resources to get help, and in more affluent families, parents are often too reluctant to seek the help that is available to them because of embarrassment about psychological problems. Interventions can provide the help that poor families need. Ways to Intervene Many interventions promote children’s health needs and cognitive delays with such programs as Head Start focused on preschool children and multifaceted Early Head Start, targeting low-income parents with infants and toddlers, providing a full array of services such as health care, home visits, parent education, child care, and family support for twenty months in the first three years of life. Programs have increased parents skills in the areas of forming emotionally supportive relationships with children, stimulating children’s verbal and learning abilities, and finding alternatives to physical punishment. Three-year-old children in this program performed better on measures of verbal and intellectual abilities, on measures of attention span, and on ability to emotionally engage parents than control children not enrolled in the program.

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