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Soccsksargen Travel on The Eijmmhgiam Myn defines « °heap of stones, and ia pseral stones by the wayside, and the scholiast on the pamage in the Odjnwy nphii the Aifas in the sane way, and aAk that the sane nunc was givua to Raan miertnarr To ewpliin the rwanriioa of derates with the cans, the Greeks characteristically indented an aetiological myth. WhotJScnp To speak more accurately, thc hermaia, as the aetiological story suggests,-consisted of an upright monumental stone with a heap of stones around its base. Gradually the god, and the pillar which rep’resented him, became more and more (anthropomorphic in conception. He was given a .phallus to promot^ffertilit^, and finally emerged as a fully human figure.1 Yet even the herms which stood in front of Athenian houses in the fifth century had not thrown off all traces of their origin, but were no more than half-human in shape. Since ^the pillar-and-cairn were set by the wayside to serve as4andmarks j~the~cdrnmonest function of Hermes was to be the(guide kf wayfarers and god of roads. Soccsksargen Travel 2016.

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