Hey everyone well actually afternoon we went out to the shops to top up on some supplies like milk, and coffee the important things they know when to switch on the post, and battery exhausted I think. Because last night we were just stories high from all the traveling that we just went straight to bed, and now we are back at home got our traveling blues we missed Whistler. But the first thing we wanted to do the same morning Netflix yeah it’s almost like sometimes you need I know who’s we are on a year-long holiday. But sometimes you need like a day off from the holidays to just relax, I’m gonna finish editing up yesterday’s post which is with the bungee-jumping. But you don’t have seen that already. So, and then after that I think, I’m gonna join in on the Netflix binge reading.

SKY DIVING VS BUNGEE JUMPING Vancouver Canada Photo Gallery

So I think you’re probably taking the next three hours to edit it be about four o’clock, and we’ve been hearing such good things about that daredevil show on Netflix that new one we love our superhero movies, and we love our Marvel movies. So sit down, and watch it, and we’ll tell you guys what we think maybe we’ll get a couple posts in yeah we didn’t eat it in Kent in Whistler. But we found out crunch chocolate from the other day I was craving us ever since we had that Easter Bunny which people that watch they were not yeah update number one the pizza do not have my time do you get the confidence been reading leaving reading things always fairly books cuz when we ever go away always have. So many to watch she’s a people isn’t she like reading her daily look I like reading athletes as well it’s not many daily once you watch. Because like I don’t know you don’t think you getting involved in their life then you want to watch them he’s like Ben Brown, and Louis who with the haven’t started editing the post yet announced 130 with my belly is full just as hugging, and very how’s the editing going it’s not it’s stillness illness. So lots of footage to go through what’s the footage we went crazy in the last day yeah I know cuz we knew were leaving we wanted to take it all in yeah, I’m gonna make us some soup that sounds good thank you smell it Draven swag goo all over my suit okay you guys are just gonna have to put up with Stephens face today. Because when you have a cold you don’t feel like going on a post hmm I’ve been sick past few days I’ve noticed have had really really bad acne that it’s all going now it’s hard looking, and like reading them, and all I can see is all my pimples oh they are going all right guys, I’m gonna make some soup and, I’m gonna jump straight back into bed cuz I don’t want to be sick for long tip if you want to afford a life, and travel find the good food deals ten cans of soup for ten bucks yep we’re sorted, and also they had three packets of two minute noodles for 2020 sitting on a fence right three packs for ninety cents.

So we’ve got six packs yes guys it’s 6:45 p.m. the post is exporting good thing I met my four o’clock deadline guys we’re just going through yesterday’s post, and we were reading the bungee jumping we thought we just started talking about it, and like the time we skydive, and we thought we’d tell you guys about the experiences of skydiving bungee jumping I was thinking first we could talk about what it felt like before we went skydiving before we went bungee jumping in the differences okay yeah. So I feel like when before I did skydiving I was really nervous. Because I am really scared of heights, and the scariest thing that we had done before that was going paragliding, and parasailing nothing like jumping out of an airplane, I’m sorry nervous before. But then when we got to the center we got we went skydiving skydive – by when I got to the center it was like atmosphere was really good, and you see all these people like strapping up, and getting ready, and you meet you person that you diving with, and I felt like for myself that all my fears went away, and I was really pumped, and ready to do it, and felt like I was in like a really good state of mind to go, and skydive, and then the difference with bungee jumping was I think when I got the realization hit that I was jump I was jumping by myself we were like skydiving you jumping with someone you could see the ground we’ve done bungee jumping you could see the ground and. So I felt like I was much more scared all the way up to the point of bungee jumping like with skydiving I had that time to calm down, and pay my mind don’t make sense I feel like you can mentally prepare yourself more for skydiving than bungee jumping cuz it happened.

So quickly yeah I probably an authority I mean I was like nervous for skydiving funnily enough when I was bungee jumping I only thought about it literally five seconds before we jump we skydiving I think I’ve worked myself up that week, and then maybe I felt accomplished dr. skydiving. So I was like yeah whatever I can do bungee jumping. But I definitely go with the whole vibe thing I think. Because it was innocent in you have to go in an aeroplane, and wait I think, and then what about the difference between like the feeling of skydiving, and bungee jumping yes I mean I suppose with skydiving. Because you’re in the plane you don’t really get to see anything. So you’re sitting in the plane, and you’re actually feeling the speed of the plane as you’re going up.

So you’re almost like in the motion, and it takes you like 20 minutes before you get into the sky. So there’s that pre-amp almost preparing you, and then when you jump out, and you look down while you’re falling. Because we’re skydiving you got like the 15 seconds of freefall, and then you pretty much parachute down for the next 20 minutes. But the 15 seconds when you’re falling. Because you’re like 15,000 feet above you know the ground the place almost looks like toy sets. Because you know it looks fake almost you feel like when you jump out of a plane you feel like you’re floating not falling. Because there’s nothing around you if you to compare your speed to doesn’t make sense.

So like when I bungee jumped you could see the wall, and you could see how fast you were going. So you felt like you were actually falling with skydiver felt like I was floating hmm. So it wasn’t such a scary feeling mmm with bungy jumping when I jumped it’s like a three-second fall, and then you spring back up, and fall again spring back up, and fall again, and you feel more like you’re falling we’re on do jumping which I think made bungee jumping feels so much more scarier. Because you could see the floor you could feel the fall. But we have to be skydiving it was a very different feeling yeah definitely I mean I enjoyed both of them I’ve been like racking my head around it they are totally different experiences I mean they are both involve falling. But not to the same extent I would give skydiving like a ten out of ten in top experiences, and maybe bungee jumping a nine out of ten like very close for being like they’ll both maybe. Because, I’m so close to it like I’ve had a year to sit on Dubai skydiving.

So if you had to choose one if someone had to go do one what would you tell them to do the after experience of doing the two experiences at the end of skydiving I think I felt very accomplished like that’s one of those top adrenaline junkie thrill seeking adventures to do. So at the end of it it was just like wow that’s a high skydiving he was so high I still felt really cool that I’d bungee jumped I mean it could have been. Because I’ve already skydive there’s that factor into it as well. But if I had to choose between the two I mean I love them both. But I would just winning by an inch I’d say skydiving is a better experience I feel like you feel like a major adrenaline junkie then you would prefer bungee cuz bungee I feel is more scary like after experience it. But I would recommend people if you are scared of heights to do skydiving even though yeah skydiving might sound scary up under bungee jumping for me was waist area.

So I recommend the peoples get a Heights – skydiving yeah, and Lee, and you might offer skydiving want to do bungee jumping I mean I that’s what I wanted to do. But I still felt that I wanted to skydive first mmm if you have any other questions about skydiving, and bungee John peanut we’ve experienced both pop them down in the comments below more answer for you we might want to into like a blog post or something on flying the nest yeah we’ll do that yeah that’s a good idea yeah. But have you guys sky dived all of you guys bungee jumped have you done both yeah tell us what you think what did you enjoy reading to do it’s like yeah later the line will start a little discussion sorry we won’t deal of much today I haven’t been feeling very well today, and Stephen was all wrapped up editing the post yeah we posted a bit too much I think we’re doing a bit excited in beautiful Whistler. But thanks so much for reading guys, and I will see you tomorrow good night guys bye you.

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