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Skikda Travel on Their discussion of worker cooperatives is a welcome contribution to the debate about the commons because it directly confronts questions of labor politics and injects a good dose of realism into a discussion that is often dominated by theoretical abstractions. What needs to be considered to take this pragmatic approach further is the dimension of autonomous political, organization that must invest experiments and initiatives in building commons. Such organization needs always to position itself not only with regard to the state but also in relation to a variety of other political forms and actors that can involve themselves in the management of commons: trade unions, nongovernmental organizations, community bodies, local governments, and so on. The reason such positioning is important, and must often take the form of a radical opposition, is that commons are by no means in themselves immune to the allures of capital and political corruption. Precisely this vulnerability makes the commons an important battleground on which struggles for the common are played out. And it is important to note that the corruption that can invest commons is a key matter to account for in the conceptualization of the common. The latter is not a figure of the morally good or a utopian horizon against which social struggles unfold. Skikda Travel 2016.

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