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Guys I’d like to give you a room tour of our home is insane of using a six bedroom place I’ve seen this kitchen on the Kardashians, and this is our massive hot tub in our bathroom, and then we have incredible view. But this is the crowning jewel wow it just looks like winter outside Hey everybody, and welcome back to Colorado Springs we’ve come out to Brittany, and Justin’s old school no it’s actually a extremely cool cafe it’s just got hipster dripping all over it it is called the principal’s office, and it’s an old school from the 1920s that they’ve converted into a cafe. So I have no idea. But apparently just to try pour over coffee, I’m trying a black, I’m gonna be honest wine. But for coffee we throw in you all please to say it’s like coffee it tastes like Melvin coffee without the milk no way yeah it’s really it’s really good like an actual flavor except you like to want to wine – yes oh yeah you can smell actually taking the Mickey I can taste the flavor I know right it’s not just your standard black coffee by the way let me just quickly go, and show you guys Kapow pour over puppy looks. Because they served it to us I wanna show you how to make thank you so much she is everyone oh look at that steam to power thanks for the hangs guys very soon Hey everybody welcome back to another Colorado rotary blog today the actual road trip begins cuz we kind of just stopped off in Colorado Springs to say hello to our friends Justin, and Britney if you missed that post check it out yesterday.

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But we were going up to Co Crested Butte dr. Christine B. So our hours drive, and we don’t know how big this town is so I decided to come out to a sprouts we’ve heard of sprouts is like quite good. But first of all look how beautiful Colorado is, I’m slowly falling in love, and we realized why we why why we fall in love. Because it borders Utah we didn’t realize that, and you guys know we love you talk about our favorite state in America. But now I don’t know it.

Because Colorado is as well I guess Crested Butte will be the decider probably we’ll see alright let’s go shopping I will classes I like this smells. So amazing. So that my favorites no. Because I just realized it’s an entire coffee aisle Wow how does this work do you just get some beans we couldn’t find everything at sprout. So we’ve come to Whole Foods to get milk eggs, and snacks alrighty guys stephen is is grabbing some fuel we’ve got our coffee we’ve got our snacks, and we are now going to hit the mountains, I’m so excited I really hope there’s snow up there. Because we still haven’t seen snow, and all of you guys keep sending us photos of like Texas, and UK, and there’s snow here everywhere there, and there’s no snow here yet it is literally a 13 degree day today it’s kind of like winter in Australia right now it’s so weird it’s gonna really warm here in Colorado. But we’re gonna hit the mountains, and hopefully we can see some snow.

But fingers crossed it doesn’t get too snowy. Because we’ve never driven in snow before I don’t think Stevens prepared for that we’re already on the wrong side of the road guys we’ve just been driving through the mountains, and we’ve stopped to stretch our legs, and we just realized as a river, and there’s ice all through it yeah I think this is what we’ve been driving through it’s amazing it’s not gonna slip Stan do you guys have snakes in America is in Australia this would be a no-no Wow you can see like the ice through there wow this is so cool Wow man those Rapids look like that’s a decent force okay. So I can do this, I’m stepping on the ice guys there is snow everywhere right now oh my goodness, and even Stephens, and even Stephens, I’m car it just said low outside temperature that was like an alarm bell going off is it almost negative is that thirty thirty degrees Celsius yeah it’s so beautiful there’s snow in my ears keep popping. Because you keep getting up higher, and higher I look. So pretty in Canada vibes right all right guys we just arrived a Crested Butte, and there’s Santa’s oh my gosh this is so cool it’s so cute I’ve been the head like a Santa ski thing oh my gosh this is snow there’s little snow on the floor, and everything oh my gosh no literally looks like we’re driving into a Christmas movie it does this is our house we just arrived at our place oh my gosh it’s so big oh my gosh the pop the driveways, and snow to slowly go down should do it yeah just slowly well how am I gonna get out oh this place is so big there’s literally snow Steve how excited are you right now this is oh my gosh my dream home we’ve arrived guys I’d like to give you a room tour of our home for the next week there is snow we are so happy there is snow. But yes welcome to our home the Sun is just setting there are snow that we are walking on this place is amazing she’s off at the door let’s place is in place it is so crazy all right let’s start when you look him like living area says come out the living area the kitchen, and the little dining area yes its massive. So yeah it is so big, and the place is like up on a hill. So it’s overlooking Crested Butte this is what we open up oh my gosh super chilly out here. But we have a barbecue.

So it’s even real look at that view we’re up on mount Crested Butte. So we’re kind of like looking over everyone that’s the town of mount Crested Butte, and that’s a town of Crested Butte it’s super cute this is like my house dream. So this is the second floor up there, and this gives you guys a bit of a better look we’ve got a fireplace which we’ll see if we can try, and operate yeah. So this is where we actually gonna be cooking. Because you guys saw that we got some supplies like I feel like I’ve seen this kitchen on the Kardashians okay yeah. So we got this also who wouldn’t want to cook if that is your view, and then there’s some bar chairs over there there’s a TV if you want to like yeah, and then this is our this is the garage, and this is heated which is crazy. So the walls the roof, and the floor are heated.

So like that’s the car we needed to get you could just show me straight in the washing machine yeah, and then maybe we can take you guys upstairs to our gonna stay this is six bedrooms we had to choose from I feel like, I’m doing a Vogue 72 questions wrong okay Jessica are you happy right now yep Jesse where are we right now in Crested Butte I brought another question Stephen is doing his work look sure this is the office oh my goodness can you please just like step into my desk oh that’s cool, and then this is the view of downstairs it’s huge like like the main master room. But there’s three master suites yeah you come in here, and this is our massive bed we’ve got our own fireplace we can I have to try another view. So this is the view from our bedroom which we can like wake up to Wow the lighting is so nice right now yeah. So this is oh yeah. So we have pretty much our own hot tub in our bathroom let’s get some lights on for you it’s a double vanity this is pretty much a showpiece in the middle of it the shower is huge as well, and then little windows 7 bedroom house with just me, and you before we go downstairs there is another master bedroom this is master bedroom number 2 TV cool little sitting chair okay back downstairs it’s like a guys this is like my dream to have one of these. So we have a games room with the pool table just here this is probably where we’re gonna watch our shows this is a TV yeah with surround sound he put it on first of all we can just sit here, and watch there with another fireplace there’s a huge I can’t get over how big this is like you imagine having a family vacation here we need to fill this house up there’s a bar, I’m pretty sure there’s a wine cellar down here I think it’s a bedroom I don’t know what I must do bedroom 3 with wardrobe another bathroom just in here with a shower like this is just the longest you go down there how much fun would this be if you were like on family vacations like pick your bunk, and then they can put all their clothes they got their own TV, and then I think that opened up into the bathroom though oh no, and then there’s another bathroom just in here the crowning jewel I like to call it oh yeah there’s another bedroom down there, and if we’re not talking of you oh it’s so nice, and chill oh this is a condo it’s like a panoramic view.

But this is the crowning jewel we have our own hot tub with the snow I think you need to pop this open you can see the steam coming that just gives you a perspective how big it is just a squish giant hot tub with that view. But yes I hope you guys enjoyed that there’s one epic way to show you the rest let’s take again pretend to understand. So you guys are probably wondering how we’re stayin at this insane house it’s. Because of you guys yes we want to give you guys a huge thank you I don’t if you remember like a few months ago we entered the best job in the world, and who actually run a second to second, and there wasn’t even meant to be runners-up prized thanks to third home they you know they helped us out, and they said hey the coming second come stay anywhere in the world for a week and. So we chose here we thought it would go well with our North America Christmas trip yes. But thank you to you guys it’s absolutely insane, and we headed to third home to see if it was like a way that you know if you guys wanted to stay at one of these houses, and you check out like the link below, and I think you can save up to like three thousand dollars if you sign up yeah. So if you guys are interested in saying these beautiful houses all around the world go check it out.

But yeah thank you guys so much we really appreciate all your help you honestly like killed the competition I can’t believe we came runners-up yeah he’s insane excited to show you guys more wrong crazy beauty see you next time little.

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