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Sjaelland Travel on ) with the Semitic king, Sargon of Akkad, who created the first world empire. This permitted, and even stimulated, the expansion of known-world international trade. Private tamkaru now truly began to flourish in Mesopotamia, although long-distance trade remained in temple/palace hands. Sargon’s own records mention such far-flung locations as Bahrein, Baluchistan, and India. After the demise of Sargon’s empire, private enterprise became more significant in Mesopotamia. Smaller boats now plied the Persian Gulf as trading voyages had to be self-financed in the absence of public subsidies. International trade was now managed by an early chamber of commerce called the karum, which was granted authority to regulate commerce and governmental duties the public sector could no longer sustain. Sjaelland Travel 2016.

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