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Sivas Travel on Adams argued that these men who had been bound for slavery were free men, kidnapped from Africa, and should be allowed to return. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed and allowed the men to return to Africa. Adams continued to be a vocal advocate for internal improvements as well as investment in scientific research. His work focused on founding the Smithsonian Institute and a failed attempt to establish a federal astronomical observatory. Adams was also a vocal opponent of the MEXICANAMERICAN WAR. Sivas Travel 2016.

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At six months of age, Dutch babies get two hours more sleep each day than American infants, and significant sleep difference continues through early childhood. The regular schedules and extended sleep of Dutch babies may play a role in Dutch toddlers maintaining a state of quiet alertness and calm during daytime observations when American toddlers are observed to be in a state of active alertness and greater arousal during most of the day. Dutch and American parents also interpret special time with children differently. Dutch parents have special family time at dinner each night when everyone is present, and children are present from the earliest days of life even if colicky or difficult. Parents look forward to the time that children will participate more actively.

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