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Singerei Travel on In Mycenean Greece a vast amount of wealth was expended in providing magnificent tombs for the dead and furnishing them with rich and costly gifts. The treasures of these tombs have been among the most spectacular finds of modern times, and the tombs themselves form the grandest of existing Mycenean monuments. In the absence of, any direct evidence save the archaeological, it is of course extremely difficult to know the beliefs which lay behind this funereal pomp and lavishness. The natural inference is that here is a genuine religious cult of the dead, with all that that implies of belief in their continued power and influence. The coexistence of such 1 Psyche, pp. 27 f. 1 See especially Homer and Mycenae (Methuen, 1933) cult and belief with the same practice of lavish offerings could be matched from elsewhere. Singerei Travel 2016.

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