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Sila Travel on Berganza describes the Gypsies and Moors in ways that echo the most blatant racial and ethnie stereotypes. The Gypsies are portrayed as thieves and rascals, while the Moors are described in the same way as Jews are pictured in anti-Semitic stereotypes in, say, the United States today. Moors are portrayed as money-grubbers 294 Postmodern Communities in Pym,hon and Cervantes who starve themselves to save more money and will soon destroy the country by hoarding an its money. The similarity between anti-Moor propaganda in The Dogs’ Colloquy and anti-Semitism today is fascinating and unexpected, by me at least. In the United States today that stereotype of miserliness is not at aIl part of the image of Muslims we are taught. Muslims are rather portrayed as likely to be Islamic fundamentalists, members of international terrorist organizations, willing to commit suicide in Allah’s name, but not as penny pinchers. It is difficult to know from the story itselfwhether Cervantes shared the prejudices against Gypsies and Jews his imaginary character Berganza expresses, or whether he was attacking these stereotypes by showing that even a dog could believe them. Sila Travel 2016.

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