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Aristotle, though he did not believe in a historical Orpheus, knew of theories of the sou! Contained in the so-called Orphic verses. Euripides, Aristophanes, and the author of the speech against Aristogeiton know Orpheus as the author of teletai, for the double definition of which we may perhaps follow the Etymologicum Magnum: A sacrifice of a mystical character; but Chrysippos says that it is right to give the name teletai to accounts of divine matters.

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When adults interact with children, the familiar categories and concepts adults use to organize the world can be challenged and even cracked open by the child. So, we grow in many ways as a result of caring for children. As researchers studying the satisfactions and problems of parenting wrote, Perhaps no other circumstance in life offers so many challenges to an individual’s powers, so great an array of opportunities for appreciation, such a varied emotional and intellectual stimulation.

Interview your parent or parents, separately or together, about the joys they anticipated having with you before your birth. Did they experience them or others in addition to them? Were they surprised at any of the joys? If possible, interview a grandparent or grandparents about the joys they anticipated with your parent and ask them the same questions.

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