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Shumadija Travel on Goethe, Schiller and even Kant came directly or indirectly under his influence. From the standpoint of strict scholarship, more was no doubt achieved by his friend and admirer Christian Gottlob Heyne, who though an older man than Herder, lived to assist in the posthumous publication of his works.1 During his long tenure of the classical chair at Gottingen Heyne made it his especial task to revive the study and appreciation of Greek poetry, in contrast to his predecessors who, largely because their pupils had not the necessary linguistic equipment, had confined themselves to the prose authors. In the execution of this task mythology acquired an outstanding position, and his treatment of it was far ahead of his time. One might say that he took Herder’s idea of the myths as relics of a more primitive folk-poetry and gave it the necessary foundation of systematic scholarship which Herder neither cared nor was qualified to supply. He was at pains to distinguish the myth in its popular form (sermo mythicus) from the poetic treatment of myth (sermopoeticus), deriving the former ab ingenii humani imbecillitate et a dictionis egestate. He tried to relate myth to cult, though from his own standpoint and with the limited sources of knowledge at his disposal his chances of success seem small to-day. Shumadija Travel 2016.

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