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Haven’t you seen taken why you’re with someone don’t you know that Morocco is dangerous for women aren’t you afraid to be traveling alone did you just go through a breakup you’re not going out at night are you oh you’re staying a hostel haven’t you seen that movie isn’t it super likely you’ll get attacked shouldn’t you try not to look. So pretty you mean you go to restaurants, and eat alone isn’t that only wouldn’t you rather just settle down what if your Airbnb hoes are murderers do you wear fake wedding ring did you hear about that one thing that happened that one girl in I guess there isn’t anyone that wanted to go with you what if you get sold into slavery seriously haven’t you seen taken is this just. Because no one’s asked you to marry them yet seriously all of these questions I have gotten a lot of them many many times especially the one about taken it can get a little frustrating I know that people mean well, and of course there is safety to be taken into account I think that when people hear reports in the media you know they’re always hearing the bad things nobody really makes a news report about how you know so-and-so Katie let’s say goes to Morocco, and has an awesome time I have solo traveled through North America Europe northern Africa Western Asia one of the places that people were concerned for me being a solo female traveler was Istanbul never did I feel unsafe in these places just. Because I was a woman did I take precautions was I using my common sense yes absolutely when I would you know tell people, I’m traveling alone a lot of people would ask some of the questions that I just that I just shared, and you know I rather that they asked me questions about my travel even though, I’m not a female solo traveler anymore I guess, I’m just a female traveler / the solo ever since I met Livio in Greece you might have seen him in my posts.

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But I do plan to travel solo again sometime just. Because I think this traveling solo is just awesome it really brought into your horizons it forces you to kind of step outside your comfort zone if you’re thinking about becoming a female solo traveler I would really tell you um to go, and go for it, and do it, and don’t be scared, and don’t let people discourage you just know that they are asking these questions, and they had these concerns. Because they care about your safety, and it’s not coming from a bad place even if it can get a little frustrating to always hear the same questions, and it is very important to stay safe when you’re traveling I feel like this is applicable to any traveler whether you’re a man or a woman wherever you’re traveling then you know you just you have to use common sense, and yes you have to be concerned, and aware of safety, and your surroundings for example in my hometown of Miami I don’t think that Miami is a dangerous place. But do dangerous things happen in Miami do bad things happen to bad people exist in Miami yes like they do everywhere, and you just need to be cautious, and use your common sense the same as you would at home for example at home in Miami would I go walking in a bad neighborhood at 3 a.m. flashing my you know DSLR, and iphone6 around everywhere no of course not that’s just silly would I walk with my bag open just ready to have money fall out into thief’s hands no I wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t do that at home. So why would I do it when, I’m abroad or traveling in a foreign country I know of female travel postgers or blue that have hitchhiked they’ve traveled to India alone they’ve traveled to Iran alone I mean all of these things are being done all the time if they can do it then why can’t you there’s no reason to think of yourself just.

Because your woman as this helpless kind of person that’s so weak, and you know just. So held back by the fact that they are a woman that they cannot go, and travel the world. Because that’s simply not true are some countries more dangerous than others especially for female travelers do female travelers have to take more precautions than men in a lot of cases sadly yes I would say that that is true however I would not say that this is a barrier for women to go, and travel alone whatsoever not in any way as you would instruct any traveler before you go somewhere research research the local customs research where is a good area to stay. So please don’t let any of these negative comments or fears of people hold you back from traveling the world don’t let that stop you don’t let that hold you back a lot of women have done it before you, and a lot of them, and will do it after you one of my favorite books ever is about called eightydaze, and it is set in the 1800s about two women that solo traveled the world, and this was back in the 1800s there were no airplanes there was no internet for them to book their tickets, and research the places you know. But this is an 1800s, and these two women went, and traveled the world all around the world they circumnavigated the globe, and it’s just a really really cool story. So you know if they can do it in that time then why can’t you there’s really no excuse if you have any further questions then please comment below I think that, I’ll make another post about tips for staying safe is a female traveler. But just the most important thing as I said to use your common sense the aware of your surroundings, and do your research, and you’re going to be fine hope that this is encouraging or interesting or something to you, and yeah that’s my thoughts for today if you could comment that would be awesome I have a lot of exciting travels coming up, I’m leaving Mexico soon, and going to a surprise location, and it will be all revealed in time.

So thanks for reading bye.

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