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Inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store are souvenirs that range in price from just a few dollars to very expensive gifts. The front of the shop is dedicated to Japanese pop culture items that have found great success in America as well. There are large sections of Hello Kitty, Pokmon, manga, and anime celebrated through roll scrolls, accessories, figures, posters, costumes, packs, and apparel. Toys, books, items to enrich your health, art postcards, live fresh water pearls and expensive pearl jewelry, currently popular men’s and women’s clothing, traditional Japanese formal clothing, incense, door curtains, bonsai tree kits, zodiac characters, dishes, chop sticks, snacks, and beverages are some of the items for sale. The oyster and pearl area can be entertaining: a guest will pick an oyster to purchase, and everyone around will see the type, size, and condition of the pearl inside. There is also a sake bar where you can taste and then purchase different types of sake. Cast members are friendly and helpful. Upstairs are the table service restaurants Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining. There is an additional shopping opportunity at the Mitsukoshi kiosk outside which sells iced-down Japanese beverages and frozen Mochi. Some of the more popular packaged snacks in Mitsukoshi include: Pocky. Tube shaped cookies with different coatings, like chocolate. Ramune. A popular Japanese beverage served in a glass bottle with a marble in it to keep it fresh and bubbly. (The marble safely stays inside the bottle.) Tuna Jerky. The texture is smoother than the average beef jerky made in the U.S.. Not overly fishy tasting or smelling, the jerky is a bit spicy and salty. Product of the Philippines. Corn Crackers. Each package contains tiny tube-shaped corn flavored crispy crackers made from finely ground corn. Shrimp Chips. Not really chips, but rather puffed, crispy, arched straw shapes. They have a mild taste”not too shrimpy. Product of California. The Golden Drop, Pure Cane Sugar Candy. Each piece is a beautiful obelisk-shaped, golden honey-colored, delicious hard candy. Manufactured by the Ogontoh company in Japan. Hi-Chew Fruit Chews. Similar to Starburst, but with a more natural flavor. Each piece is individually wrapped. Product of Taiwan. Fujiya Chocolate Suckers. Cute little suckers made of chocolate and other ingredients, with happy little faces of a school girl and boy. Japanese Melon Rice Cake. The outside is a light green, melon-flavored gelatin with an inner layer of a marshmallow-type substance. The innermost layer is a green, melon-flavored bean paste. Surprisingly sweet.

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