Shopping Guide of China Pavilion

You will find all shopping to your left, as you face the pavilion from World Showcase Promenade. Yong Feng Shangdian, or Bountiful Harvest, is one of the largest stores in World Showcase. With a wide variety of merchandise, you are sure to find something you like. The goods range from Chinese zodiac items, apparel, fans, hair accessories, cloisonn ornaments, jewelry, fabric accessories, tea pots, chopsticks, jade carvings, swords, dolls, pandas, incense, techie gear, home decorator items, bells, and a variety of children’s toys. Don’t miss the beautiful jade carvings or the large statue of Buddha. Exit the main building into what looks like an open-air market which carries t-shirts, snacks, drinks, books, art, calendars and less-expensive jewelry. The Kidcot location in this open-air section is called House of Good Fortune. Don’t miss the additional shop out on World Showcase Promenade where you can pick up decorative umbrellas, straw hats (great for sun-protection), puppets, and other souvenirs. Although there were many snack items available in the open-air shop at the rear of the pavilion, only one food item, candy, was actually made in China. There are drinks from China in a cooler and often in bins of ice. These are soda-type drinks in several flavors. The can part is clear so you can see the beverage. The White Rabbit Creamy Candy comes in a bag. Each piece of candy (there are 32 in the bag) is wrapped in a printed wax wrapper. Inside, the taffy-like candy is wrapped again in rice paper, which is to be eaten with the candy. The two that I tried, Pineapple and Kiwi-Melon, were refreshing, and the flavor was more subtle than I expected.

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China Pavilion

Shopping at the House of Good Fortune in Epcot's China Pavilion

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