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Werther’s Original Caramel shop, Karamell-Küche, is the first shop on your left as you enter the pavilion. When Epcot opened, it was called Glas und Porzellan and carried Hummel and Goebel items. It was one of only eight stores worldwide to carry all of the Hummel collection. In 2010, it was repurposed into the popular Karamell-Küche, where you can purchase freshly made caramel corn, caramel apples, and a huge variety of caramels and caramel-covered items and cupcakes. There is also an assortment of pre-packaged caramel candies and caramel corn, as well as cold drinks. If you want to share a caramel apple, ask a cast member to cut it and box it for you. Two of the more popular fresh items are: Caramel-drizzled Peanut Butter Cookie. This giant cookie could be shared by several people. It has a nice peanut butter flavor and small chocolate chips, with soft, flavorful caramel drizzled over the top. Caramel Pecan Bar. This bar can also be shared by a handful of people. It is easy to cut into smaller portions. The bottom is a shortbread type cookie, under a thick, chewy, buttery-flavored layer of caramel, sprinkled with crispy pecans. Next to Karamell-Küche is Die Weihnachts Ecke, which replaced a porcelain shop in 1989. Here you will find a variety of Christmas trees and decorations. Inside are the famous Pickle and Mushroom Trees, both with signs that explain the meaning behind this German tradition.

There are beautiful handmade nutcrackers available as well as sets of themed glass tree ornaments. Many of the ornaments are also found in the Days of Christmas shop in Downtown Disney. During the holidays, they sell Advent Calendars with German chocolates inside. You will also find German gingerbread, Bahlsen cookies, and delicious German chocolates and sweets, such as: Hans Freitag’s Desiree Wafer Cookies. An assortment of 6 different sugar wafer cookies in vanilla and chocolate. Some are dipped in chocolate, others drizzled in chocolate, and some plain. The large bag can be shared by a family. The cookies are crisp and light, and the flavor is good. Wicklein Gingerbread Cookies. These packaged cookies have a light crispy outside and a soft and chewy inside. The assortment contains Gingerbread cookies, sugar glazed, chocolate topped, and plain. Ferrero Duplo Chocolate Sticks. Similar to a Twix bar, these are chocolate-enrobed crispy cookies layered with hazelnut cream. They taste even better chilled. $11.95 Feodora German Chocolates. The box holds 24 miniature, individually wrapped milk chocolate bars. They show six different scenes from Germany: Hamburger Hafen, Brandenburger Tor, German Car Manufacturing, Siegessäule in Berlin, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Goethe/Schiller Monument in Weimar. This is a good purchase if you have a large group and everyone wants a taste of German chocolate. Dr Quendi Stollen Happchen. A box of small pieces of Christmas Stollen. Baked from a traditional recipe, they contain almonds, hazelnuts, lemon and orange peels, and raisins. The next shop is Stein Haus, which carries a wide variety of German steins and wine glasses.

They are made of porcelain, pewter, and glass. Also popular here are t-shirts with German sayings about beer, modern-day beer glasses (the type of glasses that you wear), and funny hats. After Stein Haus is Weinkeller. Schmitt Sohne are your host here and you’ll be introduced to their line of wines. You can try them out at the bar or at small bistro tables. During the holidays, they sell a traditional hot spiced wine. Kunsterbeit in Kristall hosts Arribas Bros glasswork. Here you will find an extensive selection of tiny glass and jeweled versions of Disney characters, etched glasses, crowns and tiaras, music boxes, and designer pens. There is a set of juice glasses with Disney princesses and other characters that makes a great souvenir for children. Past Biergarten Restaurant and Sommerfest is another shop, Der Teddybar, which carries Steiff stuffed animals, Disney dolls, princess swords and other toys. The next shop, Volkskunst, has German steins, high quality Cuckoo clocks, German bells in different notations hanging from embroidered ribbons, felt hats, shot glasses, books about beer, German food, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and other souvenirs. And finally, Das Kaufhaus, which opened in 1999, sells name brand sportswear and soccer balls. The building that houses Das Kaufhaus is modeled after the Freiburg Kaufhaus, built in 1520, where merchants traded and officials governed. Outside, on the promenade, are beer, beverage, and snack kiosks. You’ll also find Glaskunst, a shop that sells glasses that can be personalized, as well as other decorative items.

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